Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“photo cells do not currently support witch-house raves”

"Uniqueness and other proud states of isolation are slowly lost to a murky, anonymous multitude of influences."

"This, in short, is the noise of destabilization and disorientation - the sounds of a magic spell in action."

"A hut on hen’s legs ... an interpretation of an ordinary construction popular among hunter-nomadic peoples of Siberia ... invented to preserve food supplies against animals. A doorless and windowless log cabin was built upon supports made from the stumps of two or three closely growing trees cut at the height of eight to ten feet. The stumps, with their spreading roots, resembled chicken legs. The only access into the cabin was via a trapdoor in the middle of the floor. Bears are strong, smart and stubborn enough to break into any door, but they couldn’t use a ladder or climb a rope to reach the trapdoor. A similar but smaller construction was used by Siberian pagans to hold figurines otheir gods ... a common picture of a bone-carved doll in rags in a small cabin on top of a tree stump fits a common description of Baba Yaga..."

Larionov, forest decor for Diaghilev ballet "Baba-Yaga" (Theatre Chatelet, Paris, 1917).

"Let us study figure 3 [5] discovered on a Slavonic embroidery from the Kuban region. Baba-Yaga's hut is shaped like a big cross; moreover, five rounds (four rounds and one round in the centre) are located in this hut. But number five is the symbol of the fire god Agni in the Scythian beliefs..."

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