Friday, June 17, 2011


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"Loshadka means 'pony' in Russian, the native language of founding member Ilia Ovechkin. It's a twee word, coded in a foreign tongue, and constantly rearranged in gibberish anagrams on the title bar of -- a compounded transformation that makes a neat metaphor for the group's activity. Members take YouTube home videos, na├»ve digital art, advertisements and other online junk, then tweak and recontextualize them. Loshadka is one of a handful of artists' group blogs, also called "surfing clubs," since the posted objects come from rambling sessions of Web browsing. New media theorist Lev Manovich has compared the net surfer to the flaneur, and Loshadka's giddy, dark sense of humor shares a certain detachment with Baudelaire's perceptive dandy. -

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fingering Instabilities

Laplacian instability occurs when a smooth interface evolving under a Laplacian field develops rapidly growing spikes and branches …The instability has been connected to many disparate phenomena, such as dendrites on snowflakes, forks on lightning, quasi-steady-state fracture, lobes on lichen, coral, riverbeds, vasculature, and urban sprawl patterns. Since the formation of non-smooth features from smooth initial conditions is counter-intuitive, this topic has attracted attention in physics, chemistry, and material science…
Pierre-Simon, marquis de Laplace (23 March 1749 – 5 March 1827)
Laplacian Growth from Nervous System on Vimeo.

The Minimal Beat - 88.7 out of Chicago

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Scaffoldings, Liddy Scheffknecht.

Content is Queen

Content is Queen from Sergio Albiac on Vimeo. More from him: here


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Every Reform Movement Has Its Lunatic Fringe

One glimpse from an endless blog of blogs, fantastic images, reveries, a rabbit-trail or worm-hole.... here 
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


More hypnotic animation by Brandon Jan Blommaert and the Pandaclock Communications Network here